Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review for Ben Bostick's self-titled debut LP. Release date 7/7/17.

Alright everyone hows it going?! Today I listened to Ben Bostick's new self-titled debut LP. This LP had my foot tapping from song one which is a song called "Independence Day Eve" and is a great song. I can feel the love in this album;) The lyrics and music are great on this album. "Coast of Mexico" makes you wonder if Bostick ever tripped off of peyote. Lyrics like "with a button of peyote or a little bit of Mexican blow," were you partying Ben or were you partying;) The song rocks! I especially love the clapping in "After the Rain." Something about clapping that brings you back to the old timey music. "Paper Football" has lyrics that will touch your heart. I love the harmonica in "Sweet Thursday" and how Ben introduces distortion in "Erin is Blue." The cover of the album is very artistic showing just the contour of Ben's face. Super unique. Please visit https://www.benbostick.com  for more info, tour dates and music. 
Get this album July 7, 2017 when it comes out!

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