Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review for Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers "True Believer" and Red Sammy "Creeps & Cheaters"

Hi Folks! Today I am writing about a Baltimore Maryland artist named Red Sammy. I will first talk about his album "True Believer." This album is a very chill mellow folky album. I really like the song "Heaven the electric sky." I really feel that this album portrays a heart felt sincere vibe. I can honestly say this is a beautiful acoustic album with a mixture of bluegrass. I really love the artwork on the cover of this album. The "Creeps and Cheaters" album is a full band album that resembles kind of a psychedelic grunge kind of sound which I totally love. Think 90's, swamp, bayou, Louisiana. Great album. Kind of puts things in perspective for the listener. I really love the song "I got creepy when Lou Reed died." For info, tour dates and music please check out Red Sammy's website here

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