Friday, December 29, 2017


OMG I love this! This song gave me the tingles. Love you White Raspberry, you rock;) More here

Shout out to Delyn in Bmore!

Great song, lyrics and vocals! For more on Delyn please visit

Straight up Rockin right here from 1978!

I love this song! Straight up rock n roll from 1978 being released for the first time this year (2017.) You can tell the recordings from back then because they have a fuller sound. More organic. PK Dwyer & Donna Beck don't hold back on this one. The Breakout will have you getting out onto the dance floor kicking your shoes off and letting loose. Please give it a listen and check PK's site here

Just listen to this

Very interesting hip hop. The music speaks for itself. Very well produced song and video. Great beat, great lyrics and killer hook. More here

The Boxtones Rockin Out

I love this song. So beautiful. Reminds me of the Bryan Adams song "I Do It For You." Great love song. More here

Super chill tune from John Michael Hersey

This song has a super chill vibe. I love it. This song is Billy Joel fused with Simon & Garfunkel. More here

New Pop Track by Brother Octopus Feat. Soft Violence

Check out this cool pop track by Brother Octopus Feat. Soft Violence. Reminds me of early Ace of Base;) Check them out here