Thursday, August 24, 2017

John Banrock's album "Spin the Bottle"

I like the distortion and lyrics. Def a 90's vibe to it. I would like to call this album rock with ingredients from neighboring genres. You can tell John puts himself into his music and shows a personal side. Def a artist of our time. "Spin the Bottle" released in June of this year, please check it out yourself here

Friday, August 18, 2017

John Lafayette Ramey's Exposition Lines Review

This is a very well composed album. John is a great singer with top notch structured songs. John's songs are catchy with a pop rock feel. Exposition Lines has a little something for everyone. If you like songs from the soul, you will like this album. This album will be released Oct. 20, 2017. For more info please visit

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Love Like Texas Weather and The Rock Opera Review

Thanks to this submission I actually read a book this summer! The book is called "A Love Like Texas Weather." This book is a classic American love story based in Austin TX. Very good read, love the Shadow Queen. "The Rock Opera" is the album that accompanied this book. I am glad I read the book first because guess what, it's a musical and the book is the play and the album is the music! Between the book and the album my imagination put together a glourious musical in and about Austin. I would love to see this show. I have been to Austin and everyone I met was nice. There definitely is a magic about Austin and this musical production by Franky and the Band encapsulates that magic. I love musicals and this is another one to add to my list of favorites. The music is upbeat, uplifting with beautiful vocals and composition. A must check out for musical and Austin fans! For more info please visit