Sunday, April 23, 2017

"The Blues Non Est Mortuum" by Darren Deicide LP Review

Deicide takes the blues to a new level in this album! Nice foot drum! This record is a quality presentation of Deicide's art. Nice;) The sound quality is def a A+ as well. Vinyl definatley does this album justice. Deicide creates his own style of dark blues that anyone can appreciate.The lyrics and musical notes create a vivid picture of Deicide's stories. I really like "Devil Woman Blues" and "Throwing It All Away." This music kind of strikes me as punk rock blues. Traditional with raw vocals. Not to mention Deicide rocks on the guitar! This album is unique and awesome. True art I would say. Deicide is putting it out there and doing a great job:) I like his style. Get your record here:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Dirt on your Hands" by Jared Tyler Review, Release date June 2, 2017

If you like Norah Jones or Ben Harper this album is right up your alley. I freakin love this album! This one made it to my iTunes library! Congratulations! This album is very upbeat with positive vibes oozing out of every song. This is the kind of music accepting to all, kind of like gospel but country. This is real country music, not polished like mainstream country. Jared Tyler talks about country stuff in these songs but its a more sensitive side of the beauty only derived from the country. This album will put you in a good mood for sure. I recommend everyone check this one out. I love the cover art as well, stellar! Some of my favorite songs on this album are Dirt on your hands, Heart open wide, Gwendolyn, Lucky I am and Fort Gibson Lake. Check out Jared's website here for album release party details! Release date June 2, 2017!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Review for Red Sammy & Some Charming Trespassers "True Believer" and Red Sammy "Creeps & Cheaters"

Hi Folks! Today I am writing about a Baltimore Maryland artist named Red Sammy. I will first talk about his album "True Believer." This album is a very chill mellow folky album. I really like the song "Heaven the electric sky." I really feel that this album portrays a heart felt sincere vibe. I can honestly say this is a beautiful acoustic album with a mixture of bluegrass. I really love the artwork on the cover of this album. The "Creeps and Cheaters" album is a full band album that resembles kind of a psychedelic grunge kind of sound which I totally love. Think 90's, swamp, bayou, Louisiana. Great album. Kind of puts things in perspective for the listener. I really love the song "I got creepy when Lou Reed died." For info, tour dates and music please check out Red Sammy's website here