Monday, March 13, 2017

Sarah Petite's Road Less Traveled Album Review

Sara Petite's album "Road Less Traveled" has been the soundtrack for my life the past 3 days. I really love this whole album, so much that it is going into my personal music collection. Not everyone makes it there! "Good to B Me," the lyrics touched me."Be true to your heart, be true to your soul" no one writes music like this anymore. It is a dying art to be truthful and passionate thru music and be able to portray it in a simple sense so everyone understands. Another strong song on this album is "I will Rise." Anyone who has ever been low can relate to this song. "Like a Phoenix, I will rise." I think at one point in life we all rise like a Phoenix. Beautiful song. I think my favorite song on this album is "Sweet Pea Patch" because of the 6 mininute jam. The musicians in this song nail this jam. It's a chill train driving jam that will def put you in the groove, lead guitar, organ, dobro, electric guitar, bass (holding it down!) drums and more. The lyrics are great too! It is a summer song about skinny dipping in the country by a sweet pea patch. This is a country album but I think all music lovers will like this one. I give the recording quality a A+. Thanks for sending me this KG music press. Y'all done did good on this one;) Get your copy here