Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dan Cunningham's "Appalachian Song" Album

Wow what a great album! I love it! Some adjectives used to describe Cunningham's music are traditional roots, animated, Americana, backwoods acoustic blues and fervor of an old-time tent meeting. All of which are right on point. "Appalachian Song" presents the authentic WV vibe to the listener, truly roots and folky. "I Aint No Pretty Boy No More" stood out to myself as listener because of the roots style picking guitar and smooth vocals. A song mostly everyone can or will be able to relate to. Cunningham really has a beautiful voice."Angel Band" a traditional tune could not be more perfected than on this album here. Cunningham also does a stellar version of "West Virginia, My Home" by Hazel Dickens. WV is definitely my second home. I knew when I first saw this album that it was going to be awesome just by the name "Appalachian Song." Cunningham's music is preservation and reflection of Appalachian Music, one of my favorite genres of music. The recording and production are superb as well. Thanks for sending this Dan! Please check out Dan Cunningham's website here to purchase his album and check out other fun stuff like "Odd Places in West Virginia."

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