Monday, January 2, 2017

Review for Joe Goodkin's "Record of Loss" EP Release date February 10, 2017

I did not know what to think when I first received this EP. The press release had a quote by Anhedonic Headphones saying "Every time I've listened to Record of Life, I've started to cry." And I was like great another depressing album. But with Joe's "Record of Loss" that is not the case.

In this EP Joe sings about depressing situations but puts a positive spin on them. Good job Joe! Joe sounds like a good friend to have. Joe has very likable vocals that make the listener pay attention to the lyrics. The lyrics are great because they talk about real life situations, things people can relate to. In the press release there is talk about a possibility of this album being released on vinyl. I love vinyl records so my approach on that is GO FOR IT!!!! The production and sound quality of this EP is superb, so pressing it to vinyl would just make the song and EP quality as great as it could possibly get. Speaking of sound quality, besides Joe's voice the only instrument he uses in this EP is a 1963 Gibson ES-125T guitar. In some songs he uses up to 8 guitar tracks. Joe also plays with a unusual tuning of DADGAD. That's AWESOME! This album has a very mellow chill vibe with a very uplifting style. "Record of Loss" gives the listener hope. Great album Joe! This album will be released 2/10/17

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