Thursday, January 19, 2017

Michael Gurge's "Faceless Names"

I met Michael at Hempfest 2016 last year. He later sent me this song he and a past group recorded. This song is a modern day protest song. These guys are analog tape die-hards, which you can totally hear in this recording. This song reminds me of rock from the 60s and 70s, speaking of the political troubles of our times with a psychedelic spin. Great song!

- Movement One "Satan And The Politician"
- Movement Two "Confusion Of The Individual"
- Movement Three "The Solution"

Written And Arranged By Michael J. Gurge
Master Recording and mix down recording completed on Analog Tape

Performed By:
Michael J. Gurge - All Keyboards / Vocals "M2"
Michael R. Connely - Bass / Vocals "M1"
Chris Morrison - Guitar / Vocals "M3"
Robert Henderson - Drums
+All Harmony Vocals by "Gurge, Connely, Morrison"

* Thunderstorm during recording process provided by God.

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