Monday, December 5, 2016

Review of AJ Hobbs "Too Much is Never Enough"

So today I got the chance to review AJ Hobbs new album "Too Much is Never Enough." I really like his album. Def reminded me of some honky tonk outlaw country. The band is badass with a mean walking bass. The cover I just adore because its hand drawn. Some of the songs I really liked were "The Loser" because I really can relate to the lyrics "nearly lost my will to live working that 9 to 5." Who in America can't relate to that?! I know I sure can. Right On AJ! Another song that was just awesome was "Daddy Loved the Lord" cause AJ tells it like it is "Daddy was a good man but he struggled with the booze and cocaine." In today's world of main stream country AJ's songs are refreshing and real. He doesn't sugar coat it for the audience, he tells it like it is. Keepin it real. I can roll with that 100%. Another song I absolutely loved was "Shit Just Got Real." Being a middle class hard working American I can relate to this song, cause hey shit does get real from time to time:) "Take it Slow" featured a awesome singer Dominique Pruitt, great song! This album was recorded at Bedrock Recording Station House Studios, mixed by Eric Rennaker and mastered by Pete Lyman. It has a A+ recording quality. I am personally going to look into using this studio, it sounds that good! AJ Hobbs album "Too Much is Never Enough" comes out to the public February 17th, 2017. So keep a eye out, visit AJ's website to check out his shows and everything else!

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