Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review of Rhythm Bomb Records Get Up And Dance! 5 CD Box Set

All I got to say is hellllllllz yeah! This box set is straight up rocking with soul and talent. Great music! Rhythm Bomb Records is based out of Hamburg Germany. They are a independent record label that has a small budget but releases big time tunes. I got this in the mail the other day and immediately I was excited! Anyway on a trip to New Hampshire Hemfest 2016 I got my first chance to listen to this independent gem.

The first track that stood out that I love was "Good rockin mama" by Dusty Dave & The Heartattacks. Definitely got some rocking blues going on here. Im a sucker for the harmonica. 
Dusty Dave & The Heartattacks

The next track that caught my attention was "Hook Line and Sinker" by The Kokomo Kings.
Straight up 50's inspired rock! I grew up on that.
The Kokomo Kings

It seems like there is a renaissance of old timing music going on in Europe. The next track that reached out and grabbed me was a song called "The new early in the morning" by Black Patti. Def a great blues song! Black Patti is a duo named after a short lived jazz and blues record label in 1927.
Black Patti

As I listened some more, a track called "Crying and Pleading" by Frantic Rockers came on and I found myself really enjoying this track. Really love the harmonica. Frantic Rockers is a kick ass blues band!
Frantic Rockers

Another kick ass blues band on this box set is The Broadkasters. Their track "Baby done left me" is also a track that caught my ear.
The Broadkasters

As the list goes on, I really loved every band on this box set and wish I could research every single one but I had to slim it down to a few bands because hey like everyone else this is not my full time occupation. I just love good music! I wish I had a band like these!
The next band that had a sound I just fell in love with was Gone Hepsville. All I have to say is HORN SECTION! Im a big fan of ska and you def can't go wrong with a strong horn section. Rocks!
Gone Hepsville

So save the best for last right! Just kidding I love all the tracks the same buttttttt this song "Johnny Knows" hit me right in the hole of my soul. These vocals are the best vocals I have heard in years. I love this song. Deep female blues vocals. This song is Jai Malano, the original writer/creator/vocals and Nico Duportal who along with his band mates produced the song. 
Jai Malano

Nico Duportal 

To wrap up this review I would just like to say Rhytmn Bomb Records puts out better music than any main stream label right now. If you want real music with soul go to Rhythm Bomb for music they are not music created for the mass. To get your box set click here.

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