Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review for "Songs of the girl on the swing" album by Carol Martini

Carol Martini a folk rock musician from Newport Beach CA recently released a new album called "Songs of the girl on the swing." If your a fan of folk rock this album is for you! This album is super well produced with great lyrics and music. My first thought when I listened to this album is that it reminded me of The Beatles. My second thought was that it kind of reminded me of the all female bands from the 90's. I really enjoyed this album, catchy tunes with super tight music. I really like the songs that had a hint of banjo and mandolin in the back ground. Two songs I really enjoyed were "Tired of this heartache" and "No way to say good bye." Some of the songs even have a hint of punk to them. I def recommend every listener to check this album out. Great songs! 

Download or purchase the CD here
visit Carol's site here 

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