Sunday, September 18, 2016

Relative Souls Rock!

So along with all the other awesome bands I got to see and listen to at NH Hempfest 2016 I had the pleasure of seeing Relative Souls. Before they performed a man came up to our stand Mystical Merchant Hut and handed us a burned CD with a sticker on it, I didn't think anything of it, tucked it away in my bag. The band played, I was blown away. Super powerful Funk! Great music! I def recommend checking these guys out. I put their CD on in the car and let it play like 10 times in a row. Not sure what album it is or the names of the songs, but its super funky and good. If you like funk check these guys out. The best funk I've heard in years;) Jen Durkin performs with Relative Souls from time to time as well.

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  1. It's just a sampler. :) All of the live tunes are on our ReverbNation, and the studio tunes are off our album. Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for the write-up. :)


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