Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Suitcase Musik

Suitcase Musik, saw this guy in the middle of the night at NH Hempfest, set up gorrilla style running his shit off a solar powered battery. He rocks the psychedelic hip hop. Check one of his many videos out here. He literally sets up and plays his music out of his suitcases.

Review of "Ladies of the South" Compilation

The other day I had the pleasure of listening to a compilation by Senate Records called Ladies of the South. This is a compilation put together by Macon Georgia's producer Joey Stuckey. This compilation has a pleasant variety of rock, southern rock, country and gospel artist. The roster consists of all female artists and is a great listen for anybody. I def enjoyed this album and recommend you check in it out. Check it out here ♫ Joey Stuckey Presents: Ladies of the South - Various Artists. Listen @cdbaby: Click to listen at CDBaby