Monday, May 9, 2016

Are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube advertising worth it?

Hi Everyone, as you know I am a musician. I do not have the ability to constantly tour to get my name out there, so I decided to try FB, Twitter and YouTube marketing techniques to gain more listeners. I will tell you what worked and did not work for me in this article. If I knew before hand the outcome of these techniques I would have saved a couple bucks. 

Ultimately you want to get people engaged in your music. I tried twitter ads, gained a couple followers, maybe 6 and spent $60. So either my ad was not sufficient or twitter ads just don't work. I also tried Facebook ads. I spent about $60 and got 1 new like on my artist page. So just like twitter either I did not have a good ad or FB ads just don't work. What did work was google Adwords in which I did a music video campaign. Basically this type of marketing tool let's you choose key words that will target a certain type of audience. It's a little complicated to get started but YouTube allows you to create campaigns right thru the YouTube interface now. Any way you pick a budget. I usually do .02 to .08 cents a view. This type of marketing pushes your video to the top of millions of videos so when someone searches a keyword that you have bid .02 cents on, it pushes your video to the top of all those videos who have not bid anything. I spent like $130 and got about 6500 views. Google AdWords YouTube video campaign has worked the best for me as far as music marketing. Click this link to my video and see the views for yourself, .

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