Saturday, April 23, 2016

Joe Rollin Porter

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Joe Rollin Porter's musical catalog. Joe's catalog consist of three albums, Live at the Spider, Toubles just like mine and Dirty mean old blues. Very awesome music! If you like old timin finger pickin guitar, this is the artist for you. Joe can pick a mean guitar! It might be the best finger picking on the guitar Ive ever heard coming out of the USA. Joe does covers of traditional, blues and folk music from way back when. Very talented guitar player and singer. Joe hails from Cleveland Ohio and has many shows coming up! So please check out Joe's music here  and purchase a album or attend a show!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ed Amann's Music

Ed Amann is from Akron Ohio, a hop, skip and a jump away from me! I really like Ed's music. Instead of sending me a album to review he sent a link to all his music so I just listened to it all. Ed's music is very upbeat, positive and acoustic. Def a 60's vibe going on. I really liked the song "Got to Roll." Def one to check out for yourself here Check out Ed's calender if your in the Ohio area he has a couple shows coming up! Check his video out below! Great music!

Review of "Cloud" album by Cyndi Cresswell Cook

I really enjoyed listening to this album. There is a little bit of everything in this one but more on the rocky side which is totally awesome. Reminded me of the band Garbage from the 90's a little. I really love the song "Pre-Op Momma." It had a 50's vibe to it, which is awesome because I grew up to 50's music. I really love this song, awesome music, lyrics and def love the back up vocals. So check out Cyndi's music here and def check out her new album "Cloud" available on CD Baby and I-tunes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review for Nick Roes "Second Wind" Album

WOW! Is the first word I would use to describe this album. When I became a music blogger I had no idea what I was getting into, but one thing I knew is that I love music. Nick Roes album "Second Wind" is one of those rare musical gems. I read on his website that he was an executive director at a all female substance abuse center....WOW! You know that was most likely interesting! All I got to say is that this one guy playing one instrument sounds just as good or even better than a full band. His music had my full attention! Great singer, musician and lyrics. He reminds me of Billy Joel. Any way you got to check his album out. Check it out on youtube for free. One of my favorite songs from "Second Wind" is "Ed makes me wish." Love it!

Download the album here:

Check out his website here:

Review for Richard Lynch's " A Better Place"

Great country! Listening to this album made me want to get up and do some line dancing! Check out this artist if your a country fan! You will enjoy this album! I would say every song on this album is great! Check out Richard Lynch and his album "A Better Place" here .

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review for Drunkards and Fools EP by One Minute Millionaires

1MM reminds me of 90's alternative. Their EP was very enjoyable. I found it well written, recorded and performed. Great recording and mix! I could say this band kinda sounds like the Gin Blossoms. If you like chill, upbeat music this is the album for you! Great EP. Take a listen for yourself here