Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jake Thomas Turnbull's New Single "You"

I love Jake's music! So uplifting and full of love. Well ladies and gentlemen he did it again! Jake recently released his new single "You." Love the accent! Check out Jake's new song below! Great love song! Get this song on iTunes here. Jake has true talent:)

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Review for Out of the Ashes album "Fears, Secrets & Lies"

In this album, Out of the Ashes delivers a jazzy, swing, gospel vibe all the while preaching the good book! This album is the best Christian Music I have heard in a long while. All original tunes as well! You can purchase this album here http://www.outoftheashesmusic.bigcartel.com! So if you love great Christian music you will love this band! Please check out their music, tour dates and more here http://www.out-of-the-ashes.com.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Review for Popa Chubby's Album "The Catfish"

Popa Chubby delivers some straight up funky blues with this album. The guitar is phenomenal with ultimate shreds. His band kind of reminds me of a jam band. Cause they be jammin! This album has some rockin songs as well as a couple mellow instrumentals. If you like southern rock and shreddin guitar you want to check this album out. Get yours here http://www.popachubby.com !

Monday, December 5, 2016

Review of AJ Hobbs "Too Much is Never Enough"

So today I got the chance to review AJ Hobbs new album "Too Much is Never Enough." I really like his album. Def reminded me of some honky tonk outlaw country. The band is badass with a mean walking bass. The cover I just adore because its hand drawn. Some of the songs I really liked were "The Loser" because I really can relate to the lyrics "nearly lost my will to live working that 9 to 5." Who in America can't relate to that?! I know I sure can. Right On AJ! Another song that was just awesome was "Daddy Loved the Lord" cause AJ tells it like it is "Daddy was a good man but he struggled with the booze and cocaine." In today's world of main stream country AJ's songs are refreshing and real. He doesn't sugar coat it for the audience, he tells it like it is. Keepin it real. I can roll with that 100%. Another song I absolutely loved was "Shit Just Got Real." Being a middle class hard working American I can relate to this song, cause hey shit does get real from time to time:) "Take it Slow" featured a awesome singer Dominique Pruitt, great song! This album was recorded at Bedrock Recording Station House Studios, mixed by Eric Rennaker and mastered by Pete Lyman. It has a A+ recording quality. I am personally going to look into using this studio, it sounds that good! AJ Hobbs album "Too Much is Never Enough" comes out to the public February 17th, 2017. So keep a eye out, visit AJ's website to check out his shows and everything else!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Review for Bamik Woodlands EP

Wow! Super up lifting folk! This EP is very upbeat and a bit emotional at the same time. A lot of good sounding instruments such as the acoustic guitar, drum, little bit of electric guitar and a lot of back grounds vocals! Sounds good! Bamik has a rustic voice with descriptive lyrics that really get his song across. Check his EP out here! https://soundcloud.com/bamik

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Warren Malone "Lay Your Burden Down" Review

I recently saw Warren perform in NYC at the Postcrypt Coffee House. Great venue! I played a show with him;) Anyway he gave me his wonderful album "Lay Your Burden Down." Great CD! Warren's style of guitar is a folky picking style with intricate fills. I envy his guitar playing! Warren has a great singing voice, better than many I have heard. It is filled with soul and reminds me of a voice from before this generation. This album sounds like the soundtrack from a cowboy western! I love the mandolin in "Oh Susanna" and really loved Warren's song "Chicken Man." So if you get a chance head over to https://warrenmalone.bandcamp.com AND GET THIS ALBUM! In a world full of chaos, we need peaceful music like Warren's.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Review for ANDY B.AND "My Roots are Showing"

When I first listened to this CD I was like "WOW what a clean crisp sound!" ANDY B.AND "My Roots are Showing" has a tight sound with superb quality recording. I really enjoyed listening to this album. The music reminded me of the blues with rootsy soul. Especially ANDY B's vocals. This album has it all from funky soul, gospel, slide guitar, fiddle and the blues. Some of my favorite tracks on this album are GREAT TIME COMIN', ONE MORE RIVER  and MARY ELLIS. I definitely recommend you check out this album. You can check it out here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/andyband ! Like his FB here.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Review for Hugh Prestwood's "I Used To Be The Real Me" Album

Phils Collins has a super folky sound, which I love! Phils lyrics are uplifting and soulful. If you like tents and campfires you will love this album. It could be the soundtrack to your camping trip! I especially liked So Sweet Sixteen and Charlie. Great songs! Phil has superb song writing skills as well as guitar playing. Sounds great! In a way he kind of reminds me of Willie Nelson. So check out Phils website, his tour dates and albums at http://www.hughprestwood.com.

Get the new album on iTunes here.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Review for Dwight & Nicole's "The Rear Window Sessions" Album

So at NH Hempfest 2016 I had the pleasure of seeing and hearing Dwight & Nicole and let me tell you people, talk about some super chill awesome music. Dwight & Nicole all the way!!!!!! They got this out on vinyl too (pretty sure) !!! Nicole's voice is the best ever. God has truly blessed her. Listen to "On top of the world" you will see what I'm saying. Her vocal range is equivalent to Whitney Houston's. Dwight & Nicole compliment each other in a special way that you could not recreate. My two favorite songs on this album are "Wish I only knew" and "On top of the world."

You will fall in love with this band.
You can purchase these songs here.
Visit their website here.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Relative Souls Rock!

So along with all the other awesome bands I got to see and listen to at NH Hempfest 2016 I had the pleasure of seeing Relative Souls. Before they performed a man came up to our stand Mystical Merchant Hut and handed us a burned CD with a sticker on it, I didn't think anything of it, tucked it away in my bag. The band played, I was blown away. Super powerful Funk! Great music! I def recommend checking these guys out. I put their CD on in the car and let it play like 10 times in a row. Not sure what album it is or the names of the songs, but its super funky and good. If you like funk check these guys out. The best funk I've heard in years;) Jen Durkin performs with Relative Souls from time to time as well.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Review of Dr. Slothclaw's new album DEEP SPACE BOOGIE!

Formed out of York, PA Dr. Slothclaw has been funking up the festival scene since 2006. Recently at NH Hempfest 2016 I had the pleasure to get Dr. Slothclaw's new album "Deep Space Boogie." GREAT ALBUM! Loads of funk and fun. My favorite track is "10 Million Booties." If you like psychedelic funk this is the album for you! This album has loads of rhythm, excellent booming bass and shredding guitar! The album art is superb! Def a upbeat band! To get your copy click here!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Review of Rhythm Bomb Records Get Up And Dance! 5 CD Box Set

All I got to say is hellllllllz yeah! This box set is straight up rocking with soul and talent. Great music! Rhythm Bomb Records is based out of Hamburg Germany. They are a independent record label that has a small budget but releases big time tunes. I got this in the mail the other day and immediately I was excited! Anyway on a trip to New Hampshire Hemfest 2016 I got my first chance to listen to this independent gem.

The first track that stood out that I love was "Good rockin mama" by Dusty Dave & The Heartattacks. Definitely got some rocking blues going on here. Im a sucker for the harmonica. 
Dusty Dave & The Heartattacks

The next track that caught my attention was "Hook Line and Sinker" by The Kokomo Kings.
Straight up 50's inspired rock! I grew up on that.
The Kokomo Kings

It seems like there is a renaissance of old timing music going on in Europe. The next track that reached out and grabbed me was a song called "The new early in the morning" by Black Patti. Def a great blues song! Black Patti is a duo named after a short lived jazz and blues record label in 1927.
Black Patti

As I listened some more, a track called "Crying and Pleading" by Frantic Rockers came on and I found myself really enjoying this track. Really love the harmonica. Frantic Rockers is a kick ass blues band!
Frantic Rockers

Another kick ass blues band on this box set is The Broadkasters. Their track "Baby done left me" is also a track that caught my ear.
The Broadkasters

As the list goes on, I really loved every band on this box set and wish I could research every single one but I had to slim it down to a few bands because hey like everyone else this is not my full time occupation. I just love good music! I wish I had a band like these!
The next band that had a sound I just fell in love with was Gone Hepsville. All I have to say is HORN SECTION! Im a big fan of ska and you def can't go wrong with a strong horn section. Rocks!
Gone Hepsville

So save the best for last right! Just kidding I love all the tracks the same buttttttt this song "Johnny Knows" hit me right in the hole of my soul. These vocals are the best vocals I have heard in years. I love this song. Deep female blues vocals. This song is Jai Malano, the original writer/creator/vocals and Nico Duportal who along with his band mates produced the song. 
Jai Malano

Nico Duportal 

To wrap up this review I would just like to say Rhytmn Bomb Records puts out better music than any main stream label right now. If you want real music with soul go to Rhythm Bomb for music they are not music created for the mass. To get your box set click here.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Review for "Songs of the girl on the swing" album by Carol Martini

Carol Martini a folk rock musician from Newport Beach CA recently released a new album called "Songs of the girl on the swing." If your a fan of folk rock this album is for you! This album is super well produced with great lyrics and music. My first thought when I listened to this album is that it reminded me of The Beatles. My second thought was that it kind of reminded me of the all female bands from the 90's. I really enjoyed this album, catchy tunes with super tight music. I really like the songs that had a hint of banjo and mandolin in the back ground. Two songs I really enjoyed were "Tired of this heartache" and "No way to say good bye." Some of the songs even have a hint of punk to them. I def recommend every listener to check this album out. Great songs! 

Download or purchase the CD here
visit Carol's site here 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Suitcase Musik

Suitcase Musik, saw this guy in the middle of the night at NH Hempfest, set up gorrilla style running his shit off a solar powered battery. He rocks the psychedelic hip hop. Check one of his many videos out here. He literally sets up and plays his music out of his suitcases.

Review of "Ladies of the South" Compilation

The other day I had the pleasure of listening to a compilation by Senate Records called Ladies of the South. This is a compilation put together by Macon Georgia's producer Joey Stuckey. This compilation has a pleasant variety of rock, southern rock, country and gospel artist. The roster consists of all female artists and is a great listen for anybody. I def enjoyed this album and recommend you check in it out. Check it out here ♫ Joey Stuckey Presents: Ladies of the South - Various Artists. Listen @cdbaby: Click to listen at CDBaby

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Album review of "When its all over" by The Everydays

So I got this CD in the mail the other day. I must of listened to it 10 times. Super cool album, super folky. While listening to this album, it reminded me of Simon & Garfunkel, Leftover Salmon and Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's album "Raising Sand." I really loved it. Super chill with great guitar and great vocals. Thank you to The Everydays for sending me your album, you guys rock!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Jake Thomas Turnbull - Do Anything

Here is a great acoustic song by Jake Thomas Turnbull. Jake now a resident in London has a smooth graceful sound, unique lyrics and up lifting music. This single "Do Anything" comes out this Friday July 22. Super beautiful song! Jake is a artist that has the rare gift of being able to entertain a audience in a simple way with just himself and his guitar. Listening to this song reminds me why I do this blog. We all love rock, metal and jambands but it all started playing some chords on the acoustic guitar, no electric, just pure organic sound.

Amity Tribe's Album Noise

Here's a good album! If you like the Grateful Dead you will most likely like Amity Tribe's album Noise. This band out of IL has great music as well as vocals. A fav off the album in my book would be "One more day" and "Maybe." I recommend you give this album a spin if you like good music!


Friday, June 24, 2016

OM Collective's Psilies Kite

Om Collective's Psilies Kite is a super psychedelic track of some squishy fuzzy experimental folk that you can check out here https://omcollective.bandcamp.com/track/psilies-kite .

Review for Pete Kronowitt's "A lone voice"

So this album is pretty different. It reminds me of folk rock from the 60's because it is very issue based. I don't know if this guy is a democrat or republican or what, but he definitely has a lot to say about whats going on in America today. Musically it sounds great. The vocals and instruments are on point. Pete Kronowitt is a folk artist that speaks his mind and that I have to give him props for. Whether you agree with him or not, you'll just have to take a listen yourself here https://petekronowitt.bandcamp.com. Pete's got some moxie!

Review for Auburn "Love and Promises" CD

Very lovely album. Auburn definitely has a unique sound. Love and Promises a release by Scarlet Records is a very enjoyable mellow album. Liz Lenten's vocals are those of a unique artist. Very well produced record and well written songs. I really like Miss you blues and Ivory moon. Check out Auburn's page here! http://www.auburn.org.uk

Monday, May 23, 2016

Review for Chet O'Keefe's new album "Because of You"

The other day I received a CD from Scarlet Records. This is Chet O'Keefe's new record "Because of you" set to come out June 2016. He will be launching this album on a UK Tour with Liz Lenten. Very good folk album, I really enjoyed listening to it. My two favorite songs on the album is "Drinkin Day" and "Talking Kerrville Blues." Freakin awesome music! Look for this album in June! Check out Chet O'Keefe's website here http://chetokeefe.com.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

OM Collective - I Didn't Know I Was Trouble Review

Hey everybody so I got a email from the OM Collective. It is a youtube video theres like 8 dudes who look exactly the same. It is either very good video editing or this bros got like 10 twin bros. Any way I guess it is related to a Taylor Swift song. Not sure. But it sounds really good! Very good quality recording, video work and all around interesting. Check out OM Collective's video here:

Monday, May 9, 2016

Are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube advertising worth it?

Hi Everyone, as you know I am a musician. I do not have the ability to constantly tour to get my name out there, so I decided to try FB, Twitter and YouTube marketing techniques to gain more listeners. I will tell you what worked and did not work for me in this article. If I knew before hand the outcome of these techniques I would have saved a couple bucks. 

Ultimately you want to get people engaged in your music. I tried twitter ads, gained a couple followers, maybe 6 and spent $60. So either my ad was not sufficient or twitter ads just don't work. I also tried Facebook ads. I spent about $60 and got 1 new like on my artist page. So just like twitter either I did not have a good ad or FB ads just don't work. What did work was google Adwords in which I did a music video campaign. Basically this type of marketing tool let's you choose key words that will target a certain type of audience. It's a little complicated to get started but YouTube allows you to create campaigns right thru the YouTube interface now. Any way you pick a budget. I usually do .02 to .08 cents a view. This type of marketing pushes your video to the top of millions of videos so when someone searches a keyword that you have bid .02 cents on, it pushes your video to the top of all those videos who have not bid anything. I spent like $130 and got about 6500 views. Google AdWords YouTube video campaign has worked the best for me as far as music marketing. Click this link to my video and see the views for yourself, http://youtu.be/zQJcXPXDkus .

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Review for 'The Mike O'Cull Band' EP 2015

So this EP is pretty cool. It is available on iTunes. This album has a total rocky bluesy vibe. Sounds great. I really like the song "Inside Out." It def channels a southern rock vibe and you know me, I love me some southern rock baby! I def recommend checking this album out, You can give it a listen on Soundcloud. Check brother O'Cull out! Got some funk going on too! Great album! Visit Mike's site here http://www.mikeocull.com/home.

"Be a musician, the dirt cheap way" Winter 2015 Article

Winter 2015

Be a musician, the dirt cheap way
By: Dar Stellabotta

Section 1: Instruments for Cheap
The cheapest way to get instruments is secondhand. Either reach out to your community or craigslist. There is always a shop around somewhere that sells second hand instruments. Or reach out to your community. Ask someone if they have a instrument you are looking for laying around collecting dust. Put up a ad with your story and your quest for whatever instrument you seek. Then when you get it, practice, practice, practice. Yeah, your good looks and cool clothes will get you no where. It’s all about the music. Always has, and always will be about the music.

Section 2: The Mystery of No Information
If you have no information available about your band, you leave your audience curious. If you ask me,
this is the best way to go. Especially if you have awesome music. Then the music will speak for itself and keep the people talking. I have attended shows where the act had no internet presence and had a ton more people attending than a band with a lot of internet presence and exposure. Leaving your audience with no information makes them more likely to attend a show to hear and see your act sometimes. Mystery is intriguing. Plus it costs you no money.

Section 3: Making a Effective Demo at a Low Cost
Before you spend thousands of dollars in the studio, I recommend recording at home or at a friend’s house for free. If you plan on being a musician for a while you might want to invest in a nice computer. I recommend a MAC. When you record at your home or art space, this gives you the freedom to take as long as you need to record a song. You can record it different ways, with different musicians or different instruments with out being charged $35 a hour. If you do invest in a nice computer you most likely will be able to make music videos depending on what type of computer you get. Its cheaper to do it yourself. When you get 1 to 3 songs your ready to make your demo. You can either stream your music on one of the many free websites, make a physical demo (CD, tape, vinyl) or have it downloadable somewhere on the internet. Right now, I will tell you how to make a descent physical demo. First, burn your song or songs to a blank disc. Then, label it with a .99 Sharpie. Maybe have your friend draw or take a picture of the act and print out a couple of black and white covers for the demo. Black and white is the cheapest way to print. You can either wrap the CD in paper to protect it or put it in a poly sleeve. I order my poly CD sleeves for www.sleevecityusa.com, the have good prices. Now you have something to give to your friends for donations or to give out to bookers to get shows. When I make a demo, I use a sharpie to label the disc, print out a black and white sleeve insert that I created in photoshop and put it all together in a poly sleeve.

Section 4: Free Website
The internet has a wide range of different websites for bands and musicians to display their media. Such as Reverbnation, Bandcamp, Youtube, Indie on the Move, Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and many more. I am just going to talk about a few of these sites that I personally use. Reverbnation is a good site because it is user friendly and has a good layout. You can upload pictures, your music (mp3 files), list your shows, stream your music videos and much more. You can directly link your social media to Reverbnation as well. I like Youtube because I am a film maker as well. If you want to make films or music videos this would be a free site you can use to stream your film. I encourage anyone out there who has ever wanted to make a film, to MAKE ONE! If you would like to release a digital album for free, CD Baby has the option to release your album with just them for free or with them and other big digital download companies such as I-Tunes or Amazon for a fee of about $25-$50. Depending on if it is a single , EP or LP. CD Baby also offers mass production of CD, Vinyl and other music promotional products for descent prices. But I say go with releasing your album or single for free with CD Baby before you go dishing out the duckets. 

Section 5: Getting shows for Free
The best way I can tell you is to go to your local shows. Not only to support your scene but to make friends with the bands and people who set up the shows. Friends always help out friends. If there are no shows in your area, email is the next best option. Or calling a booker on the phone. You can always look up venues in your area or the area you would like to play and email or call them. If you email the booker, send them a link to your free website you made. If you call, offer to send them a free demo thru the mail. A website I find useful for getting shows is Indie on the Move. It is free and has a great database and format for contacting bookers, www.indieonthemove.com. You could also set up a show at a friends house, a art space, a corn field or just about anywhere. You don’t need a official venue to have a show.

Section 6: Merch (make it yourself it’s a lot cheaper)
If you would like to have tshirts, patches, etc, for your act, your best bet is to learn how to silk screen. Then you can make your own tshirts, patches, etc. I learned how to silk screen from purchasing a Speed Ball silk screen starter kit. The kit comes with a DVD that teaches all the techniques as well as a lot of things you need to know about silk screening. Making a physical demo is also a good start in the merch department.

Section 7: Funding your Music
Different ways to seek funding can consist of a traditional or online method. A traditional method could be throwing a show or party to raise money for a record release, tour, a instrument or something along those lines. Two online methods that I have seen work well for people are Go Fund Me at www.gofundme.com and Kickstarter at www.kickstarter.com. These websites have a good layout for pitching your story and accepting money for your cause. They do take a percentage of the money your raise. In order to use either of these websites you have to have a bank account you don’t mind linking to their website. This is how they get the money you raise, into your hand. Another thing you can do is ask local businesses to sponsor your band. A country band from around my way asked a car dealership to sponsor them and they got a tour van for free. Other ways businesses do it is that they might give you money to put their logo on your tour vehicle.

Section 8: Independent Radio
You can search the internet for stations that play independent artists but the most effective method I have learned is to use The Indie Bible. This is a book that is published every year with up to date listings of all the radio stations, reviewers and publications that deal with independent musicians and bands. It costs about $60 but I believe it is worth the money. You and another band could split the cost to make it cheaper and share it. I have received airplay, reviews and interviews for free with only the purchase of this book. You have to make the effort to contact the stations, reviewers and magazines to receive the exposure. You can read more about or order The Indie Bible at www.indiebible.com.

About Myself:
I am a musician from Southern Maryland. The things I have wrote about in this article are things I have tried and have seen that they work. I am by far no scholar, neither the best writer. So take it for what it is, just some helpful advice. If you have questions please email me at compose2005@yahoo.com or if you are interested in hearing my music or seeing my music videos please visit www.DarStellabotta.com.

Summary: You can either pay people to do things for you or you can do it yourself. Have a nice day:)

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Joe Rollin Porter

Today I had the pleasure of listening to Joe Rollin Porter's musical catalog. Joe's catalog consist of three albums, Live at the Spider, Toubles just like mine and Dirty mean old blues. Very awesome music! If you like old timin finger pickin guitar, this is the artist for you. Joe can pick a mean guitar! It might be the best finger picking on the guitar Ive ever heard coming out of the USA. Joe does covers of traditional, blues and folk music from way back when. Very talented guitar player and singer. Joe hails from Cleveland Ohio and has many shows coming up! So please check out Joe's music here http://joerollinporter.com  and purchase a album or attend a show!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ed Amann's Music

Ed Amann is from Akron Ohio, a hop, skip and a jump away from me! I really like Ed's music. Instead of sending me a album to review he sent a link to all his music so I just listened to it all. Ed's music is very upbeat, positive and acoustic. Def a 60's vibe going on. I really liked the song "Got to Roll." Def one to check out for yourself here http://edmanwalkin.com/audio1/. Check out Ed's calender if your in the Ohio area he has a couple shows coming up! Check his video out below! Great music!

Review of "Cloud" album by Cyndi Cresswell Cook

I really enjoyed listening to this album. There is a little bit of everything in this one but more on the rocky side which is totally awesome. Reminded me of the band Garbage from the 90's a little. I really love the song "Pre-Op Momma." It had a 50's vibe to it, which is awesome because I grew up to 50's music. I really love this song, awesome music, lyrics and def love the back up vocals. So check out Cyndi's music here http://cyndicc.com and def check out her new album "Cloud" available on CD Baby and I-tunes.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Review for Nick Roes "Second Wind" Album

WOW! Is the first word I would use to describe this album. When I became a music blogger I had no idea what I was getting into, but one thing I knew is that I love music. Nick Roes album "Second Wind" is one of those rare musical gems. I read on his website that he was an executive director at a all female substance abuse center....WOW! You know that was most likely interesting! All I got to say is that this one guy playing one instrument sounds just as good or even better than a full band. His music had my full attention! Great singer, musician and lyrics. He reminds me of Billy Joel. Any way you got to check his album out. Check it out on youtube for free. One of my favorite songs from "Second Wind" is "Ed makes me wish." Love it!

Download the album here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nickroes2

Check out his website here: http://nickroes.com/NicksMusic.html

Review for Richard Lynch's " A Better Place"

Great country! Listening to this album made me want to get up and do some line dancing! Check out this artist if your a country fan! You will enjoy this album! I would say every song on this album is great! Check out Richard Lynch and his album "A Better Place" here http://www.richardlynchband.com .

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review for Drunkards and Fools EP by One Minute Millionaires

1MM reminds me of 90's alternative. Their EP was very enjoyable. I found it well written, recorded and performed. Great recording and mix! I could say this band kinda sounds like the Gin Blossoms. If you like chill, upbeat music this is the album for you! Great EP. Take a listen for yourself here

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Madelyn Victoria's self-titled EP

I really like Madelyn Victoria's self-titled EP. It is very awesome. Great sound, great vocals, great band. Her music is real and genuine. I really like the song "Hold On." I would love to see her and her band live. Def go visit her website http://www.madelynvictoriamusic.com ,buy her EP, listen to her music and watch her videos. Great artist.

Ed Roman's latest album, "Letters From High Latitudes" Review

I really like Ed Roman's music. It is very positive and uplifting. His music reminds me of the 90's. You could say he has a similar sound to They might be giants, PHISH and Men at work. I def recomend checking him out. Check him out at http://edroman.net. Roman's album "Letters From High Latitudes" has a little something for all music lovers.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Donica Knight's EP, "Can't Buy a Southern Girl"

So I got sent Donica Knight's EP, "Can't Buy a Southern Girl." Sounds good to me. Sounds like some straight up country! YEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAW! If you like good country music you will like this EP. Its like a mix between Shania Twain and Alanis Morissette. Check her out here http://www.donicaknight.com

Urban Pioneers "Addicted to the Road" Review

So I saw these guys at Schmitt's Saloon in Morgantown WV. My friend Rob Lee told me to come see them. I got this record, its fucking awesssssome! You got to hear it for yourself. Upbeat bluegrassy fun! check them out here http://urbanpioneersmusic.com

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Trekkie Jones album "Maiden Voyage" ROCKS!

If you like Jefferson Airplane, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix than this album is for you! Psychedelic rock! Download this album here https://trekkiejones.bandcamp.com/releases for $4. Like their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/TrekkieJones. Great band! Must check out!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Check Out Romeo Crow!

Romeo Crow is a rock artist from the UK thats got some funky rock for FREE! Visit his website and download his 6 song EP for FREE here http://romeocrow.com/free-songs/ also like his FB here https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRomeoCrow , I did!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Follow up on Hooker*Hopkins*Reed Cassette Tape

So one song that stuck out that I really liked on the whole cassette was "Shaggy Dad" by Lightnin' Hopkins. On the tape it says the song is named "Shaggy Dog." But when I pulled up the video it said "Shaggy Dad." Sounds like it is supposed to be "Shaggy Dad." Sounds good Lightnin'!

    BornMarch 15, 1912, Centerville, TX
    DiedJanuary 30, 1982, Houston, TX

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hooker*Hopkins*Reed Cassette Tape

I acquired this tape not too long ago with a couple of other blues tapes. This one stood out because the songs on this particular tape were uplifting and funny. That's the same reason why I love Muddy Waters. No matter how down in the dumps I am I put on a Muddy Waters album and instantly feel better. 
John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins and Jimmy Reed

Rusty Haywhackers "The First Cutting"


Click here to buy the album:)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Upcoming WV Morgantown Show

Hi everyone, today I would like to let you know about a upcoming show in the WV. My friend Rob Lee is putting on a show in WV at Schmitt's Saloon 245 Cheat Road, Morgantown WV 26508 March 19, 2016 starts at 8pm tickets are $15 and the event is 21+. On this evening you will have the pleasure to see Dead Soldiers, Whiskey Dick, Urban Pioneers, Joe Macheret & Sean Giel of The Tillers, and Josh Morningstar. Please come out if you are in or around the area. Here is a video promoting the event.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dirty York

During my search for new Southern Rock music, I came across a band called Dirty York. They are a Southern Rock band from Melbourne Australia. I really love this song they have called "Stitches in my Pocket." You can check it out live here on this post above. No shows that I am aware of in the USA yet, but hopefully soon! 

David Lindley

So during my binge watch of a show called "Hell on Wheels" I discovered a great artist named David Lindley. Really good acoustic blues. Check out this song. Soul of a Man by David Lindley. You can find out more info on this artist at http://www.davidlindley.com . For all the MD and VA people he will be playing at Jammin Java April 13, 2016. Show starts at 7:30, tickets are $22 and the show is all ages.