Saturday, January 12, 2019

Fuzz Stoner Rock

So the other day Youtube generated a stoner rock album by a band from Italy called Black Elephant. The album cover art looked awesome so I gave it a listen. This album blew me away. Heavy psychedelic rock. If you are a fan of Deep Purple then you will like this band.

So after listening to this album 10 times I dove deeper into the stoner rock rabbit hole on Youtube. Next Youtube generated a album by Killer Boogie called "Acid Cream." The pyschedelic fuzz sound caught my attention and I was all ears. This band is also from Italy from my understanding.


One thing I noticed about all these stoner rock albums is none of them had photos of the bands for the album cover. It was all super spaced out psychedelic art. As I dove deeper into into the stoner rock hole I then discovered Mudfinger (from Germany) and their album called "Psychonaut."

In the midst of all the foreign heavy rock, a band from America pops up on the Youtube from Buffalo NY called Spacelord and their album called "Indecipher." Space, heavy rock and psychedelic. What more can I say about these guys but that they rock. Heavily.

Next on the stoner rock playlist I have Stone Age Mammoth. Uh hell yeah stoner rock, stone age, dinosaurs, wooly mammoth! This band is from Greece and their album is called "Riff Desert" and let me tell you this is some heavy riffing right here!

If you want more of a heavy mellow jam Iah-Iah's self titled debut album is for you. This band is from Argentina.

Another chill stoner rock album is "Tri" from My Sleeping Karma. This album attracted me because of my Taoist beliefs. So you know I gave this one a listen. This band I believe is from Germany.

Here I have a intrumental stoner rock album by Mr. Bad Luck  called "Tale of the mountain man." As I listened to more stoner and fuzz rock I discovered I like the instrumentals better then the songs with vocals. I feel like in the instrumentals the instruments do the singing. So its a interpretative communication of the lyrics, very cool. This band is from Denmark.

So if I had to pick between stoner rock and fuzz rock I think I would pick fuzz rock. I just like the fuzz sound. Soothes me for some reason. Fuzz is a thick distortion that almost has a buzz sound to it and tweaked right it puts forth a strong electric sound that puts chills up your spine. It wasn't until I started building cigar box guitars that I dove deeper into sounds and tones. If you are a musician it is so important to find your tone and sound that resonates with your soul because that is you. For years I just played music and did not know what guitar to use or amps. When I built my first cigar box guitar it hit me like a ton of bricks that this is my fucking sound. Deep and heavy. It is what I like and have been searching for. So which out further hesitation I introduce you to the next Fuzz rock band Fuzzcrafter. Almost reminds me of Kraft Macaroni and cheese but for the ears! This band is from France and this is their self titled album that rocks!

So to end this stoner rock fuzz post on my blog I leave you with a band called Kalamata from Germany and their album called "Disrutpion." Super cool.

Rock on, don't let the man or woman get you down.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Short and Affordable Vinyl Runs

If you are thinking about pressing a record this article by Gear Savvy can tell you the most affordable and efficient way you can possibly do it. They dig right into the companies that do super short runs (like press just one record for you) to companies that can press 1000 for you. If you are thinking about pressing a vinyl record you should read this article. Please see link below.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Man Boy Comic Review

So I went to DC Zine Fest. There I begged for free zines and comics, lol. This one actually made me laugh. Super funny. This comic is called "Man Boy" created by Snack King Comics. Check them out, super funny indie artists that have the potential to do their own cartoon on Comedy Central one day. You guys rock keep up the good work. Send me more funny comics!

Thirsty Curses "Exile" Video

Love this song. Super fucking cool! More info

Beck Pete's "Gently Break It"

Good voice, steady rhythm, sounds good! More info

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Kitty Templeton's latest release "Spirit in the Snow"

Kitty has done it again with this album! Home run! Great album! Kitty is a excellent song writer from the DC area. I feel like I can relate to this album because basically it is a winter based album and I was born in the dead of winter so I feel like I can relate. Kitty has numerous other musicians sit in with her on this album as well as a roster of back up vocals. Please check out and listen to free below.

You can purchase the album here

And find out more info here

Thank you for sharing your wonderful music with the world Kitty!

🌾Sister Dorothy's Positive Quote of the Day🌾:
"Choose to be optimistic it feels better."- Dalai Lama XIV

Monday, July 23, 2018

Check out Switzerland's tribal folk rock band KOENIX

Koenix appears to be a tribal folk rock band out of Switzerland. They sound awesome. Very upbeat crowd driving music. Music you can easily dance to. I love it. With a combination of tribal drums, bag pipes and vocalized folklore stories this band will have your attention. They have a new album coming out Aug 17, 2018 with Hicktown Records out of Germany. For more info on Koenix checkout their website or take a listen below. PS- I love the artwork for this band. I would def like to know who does it;)

New Album.